Jeff Lichty's Calgary Ashtanga Yoga School
is a recognized School of the KPJAYI in Mysore, India. 

Jeff Lichty is an Authorized Level II teacher of the KPJAYI.  

All classes provide direct access to the 'parampara' of Ashtanga Yoga and the teachings Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and R. Sharath Jois.

About Jeff Lichty
Jeff Lichty is an avid adventurer and thoughtful seeker of truth and wisdom.

Sixteen years as a critical care paramedic along with his pre-existing existential inclinations led him to the practice of Ashtanga Yoga and the direct study with Sri K Pattabhi Jois and Sri R Sharath Jois. Over the past fourteen years he has traveled to India 15 times to study directly with the masters of Ashtanga Yoga.
Authorized to teach by Guruji and Sharath in 2006, Jeff has been teaching Yoga full-time in Canada and internationally.

Former co-founder and director at Ashtanga Yoga Victoria, he recently relocated to Calgary, Canada. The Calgary Ashtanga Yoga School now provides a space for a thriving community of practitioners, and Jeff continues to infuse the city with the dynamic & practical teachings of Ashtanga Yoga.

Jeff is approachable and practical in his teachings. He has a real talent for expanding the ordinary definitions of yoga beyond the reach of our current body centric culture, and revealing how these practices powerfully penetrate into all areas of life.  

He is an excellent resource for lifestyle coaching and personal transformation.
His teachings lead us to the pursuit of our highest selves.

About Jeanine Goranson
Jan Goranson began practicing yoga to help her through an illness - at least that's what she thought!  

She was Authorized Level 1 in 2017.

In truth it seems that yoga found her, and for that, she has an abundance of gratitude, as it has empowered her to explore within, both 'on' and 'off' the mat.
Through the practice of Ashtanga Yoga, Jan has learned to trust the system, and is comforted by this deep and rich tradition. She traveled to Mysore for the first time in 2014 to connect more deeply with the living lineage of Ashtanga Yoga, and has returned each year since to learn and practice with Sri R Sharath Jois.
Jan is forever in awe of the power of yoga and is grateful for her teachers who have given her the opportunity to experience and share in this ancient practice. As she has experienced the transformative power of yoga in her own life, she is deeply committed to sharing its benefits with the whole community.

You can find out more about Jeanine on her website:

Chris McMullen

About Chris McMullan
Chris was first introduced to the traditional practice of Ashtanga Yoga by Harmony in 2010. A little after that first introduction, Chris met Jeff as well during a practitioner development program. It was during that program that Chris decided it was time to put away the circus tricks and practice Ashtanga how it was designed, handstand free, and with one teacher. Shortly after that intense 6 months was finished, Chris developed a home practice in conjunction with study weeks with Harmony.  In 2013, he made his first trip to India to see what all this “Mysore Magic” was about and to study at the source. Little did he know that he would do everything possible to make "Mysore" a yearly adventure.

In October 2016, during his 4th study trip, Chris received the blessing to teach from Parama Guru Sharath Jois. A big honour that only 22 teachers in Canada had at the time.

When asked what kind of teacher he wishes to become, he responded with something that Sharath had said during a conference:

“You can sail around and around on the ocean for years, but it is only when you dive in that you know the beauty of the sea. This sea of yoga is not just bending your body. You have to put effort in to know what it is. Have you gone deeper inside to realize what it is. I want you to do that, not just sail on the surface. Whatever I have experienced, I want to share with you... that is all.”