If you are interested in joining the Calgary Ashtanga Yoga School to develop your daily practice of Ashtanga Yoga - Please email us directly to before coming.

New students are welcome!

No experience is required.

We do require a one-month commitment before you begin.

There is a wait list to join our classes. You can express your interest in joining by submitting a registration form or by contacting us by email.

Initially, the best way to become familiar with the Mysore-Style of practice, is to come and observe for a time during one of the mornings.

We welcome visitors from out of town who are passing through Calgary!

If you practice regularly, please check our moon day calendar and email us with your proposed drop in dates. Please mention your teacher’s name, or where you normally practice.

We do not accept local drop-in students. If you wish to register and commit for a month of practice, please read the above instructions. Thank you for your interest.