We encourage all our students to develop "energy awareness."

You are invited to partake of the energy and expertise we offer but please manage your account with us in a consistent and timely manner. This will keep our lines of communication clear and open both in and outside of the space.

Shower before class. It's best not to shower immediately after. Most students will change and go straight to work.

If you use a cotton rug - please wash it frequently. Please keep your yoga clothes clean!

After practice you are encouraged to drink water.  We do not recommend drinking water during class.

Please do not wear scented products to class.

We recommend that women take 2-3 days rest during the heaviest part of their menstrual cycle.  Menstruation helps you to restoreyour vital energy each month.  You’re entitled to give yourself a break!

If you have a fever - Take Rest - do not practice. If you're sick and contagious, please practice at home.  In all other circumstances, we recommend that you come in and take a gentle practice.  As teachers, we can help you figure out how to proceed or modify your practice intelligently, depending on your circumstances when necessary.

If you have an injury, practice in a healing manner. This is always possible, even if you simply sit on your mat and breathe. 

Show up. Cultivate contentment in whatever body or mind you have today, and realize that all things change with time. Be receptive to Change.

Take practice more than you talk about practice.  Avoid idle conversation.

Keep your mind on your own mat!